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About us

We de-risk digital Salesforce transformations through our tested methodology so you can add value to your clients.

About us

Who are Brysa?

Brysa has been registered company from 2018 onwards.The company’s founder Satish Thiagarajan has worked inFinance, IT, Arts, Digital Media and Digital Out of Homefrom 2007. Through Brysa, he was exclusively servingUniLED, a Digital OOH company based in London, UK tillQ1 2022. Since then, Brysa has been instrumental indriving Change Management and Salesforce development for our new clients in Digital Media and Digital Out of Home media.
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De-risking technology change

Technology transformation is one of the most difficult business changes to achieve and is fraught with high failure rates. While many reasons contribute to this, we at Brysa have evolved a methodology based on experience and knowledge to deliver change programme and projects to our clients successfully. Working closely with clients’ businesses, our expertise in Salesforce, Digital media and change management means, the risks are mitigated to as little impact as possible.
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Our process

Our delivery process is rooted in Agile project management principles offering responsive, on-time and in-budget delivery of technology change to our clients. Our experience in Digital Media industries means we have adapted agile practices to suit the industry needs: regular demos, embedding our teams in clients’ businesses, incremental releases into the organisation, encouraging adoption are some of the ways through which our process ensures successful delivery, adding value to our clients.
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Accounting Seed

We are partners with Accounting Seed, an exciting product native to Salesforce providing single source of truth finance and accounting solutions to businesses. Enabling streamlining of processes from sales, delivery and even HR functions through to finance, Accounting Seed lays down the platform for businesses to scale in ways that wasn’t possible for them before. No more month-end reporting taking days or even weeks: with Accounting Seed working in an integrated manner with other functions, management can access real-time numbers in one place.

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Ad Trafficking Services

Digital Media and Digital Out Of Home Media publishers typically end up spending a lot of time and money on ad operations which is not their core business. The ad operations involve coordinating various stakeholders, checking and re-checking ad specifications, managing constant change requests, reporting and auditing; all the while ensuring the right ad is scheduled to play in the right asset at the right time. Our specialised ad trafficking services take away the hard work so the publishers can focus of growing their revenue.

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Satish Thiagarajan


Implemented many successful technology transformations. Expert in driving strategic value to organisations and delivering on complex change.


Saba Shaikh

Chief Finance Architect

A qualified Chartered Accountant and an Accouting Seed expert. Has many years of Finance and Tax process experience in UK and US market clients.


Rahul Sherikar

Chief Salesforce Officer

Certified Salesforce expert with multiple large scale programmes and project deliveries under his belt. Leads the development team to deliver value.



Accounting Seed

Save time & money, improve accuracy. Easy-to-use, top-rated, native-to-Salesforce Finance solution.

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One of the leading OOH adtech ecosystem, we proudly partner with Broadsign offering exclusive Salesforce plugin management.



We are proudly part of the programme that supports and empowers UK entrepreneurs to scale to the next level.



Consulting partner with the world’s #1  CRM solution that unifies marketing, sales, service, commerce and IT.



Cloud-based field service management software, streamlining job management, asset maintenance and more.

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Mission Control

Best-in-class Project Management application in the Salesforce ecosystem, MC offers great features and UX.




Leaders in motorway advertising they deliver unique, dynamic and innovative results-driven out of home solutions across the UK’s motorway services network.

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Empowering Campus Economics, Native are leaders in UK University ecosystem for all things events, experiential, media and marketing.

Legacy Logo Black E1717132906431

Legacy Media

Revolutionising sustainable media spend by aligning their product with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Legacy used product we developed.

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Go to name in luxury travel, Escapes combines operational leadership with best-in-class systems to serve their premium clients flying in private jets.

Aegis Building Systems


Specialising in providing integrated building packages, Aegis provides some of the best solutions for the project needs of the construction managers and contractors.


Spotlight MI

Financial experts employing their keen insight, knowledge and extensive experience to help their clients focus on the critical financial drivers of business.



Serving the need in the digital market for a streamlined delivery process and third-party, independent verification for digital-out-of-home campaigns.



Offers intelligent and quantifiable OOH advertising with tech at the heart. They offer what brands want: agile outdoor advertising that can match any budget.