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Choose from our diverse range of packages to get the most out of your Salesforce experience from day one.

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Sales Cloud Quick Start

The Sales Cloud Quick Start package is a streamlined and accelerated implementation service offered by Brysa. This package is carefully designed to help businesses efficiently set up and deploy Salesforce Sales Cloud. By selecting this package, you can rapidly drive business growth and empower your sales reps to work faster and smarter. End Result – More leads, More deals, 360° visibility of pipeline health.


Salesforce CPQ Quick Start

The Salesforce CPQ Quick Start package is a service offered by Brysa to help businesses rapidly configure and utilise the capabilities of the Salesforce CPQ solution. By selecting this package, you can quickly automate the complex process of creating accurate and customised quotes for your products and services. This package is a great choice if your goal is to speed up your quote-to-cash process.

Marketing 1

Marketing Cloud Quick Start

The Marketing Cloud Quick Start Salesforce Package is a comprehensive service offered by Brysa to help expedite your marketing efforts and maximise your use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Post implementation, get access to pre-configured templates, workflows, and best practices that allow you to quickly set up and execute marketing campaigns with ease.

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Salesforce Pardot Quick Start

This package is a rapid and effective way to integrate Pardot into your Salesforce ecosystem. Post implementation, you can automate your marketing efforts and simplify the process of engaging and nurturing leads, increasing the likelihood of conversion. You can also experience improved integration between your marketing and sales teams, leading to better collaboration.

Service 1

Salesforce Service Cloud Quick Start

This package has been designed to help you rapidly deploy and optimise your customer service operations. Post-implementation, you get access to a comprehensive set of tools and resources that allow you to set up your Service Cloud instance. From customisable case management to omnichannel support, this package instantly enhances your customer interactions and boosts agent productivity.


Accounting Seed Quick Start Implementation

This package is perfect for implementing Accounting Seed and managing your entire back office within the Salesforce environment. Post implementation, you get a comprehensive and integrated accounting and ERP system designed to optimise various financial and operational functions. This package empowers you to oversee your general ledger, billing, cash receipts, accounts payable, etc., in one environment.