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Salesforce Single Source Of Truth: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions

In the world of sales, data is everything. It provides valuable insights and tools for making informed decisions, optimising strategies, and effectively managing sales operations. However, this also means when important data is scattered across different systems, decision-making can quickly become overwhelming and unreliable for sales professionals. This is where the concept of a Single Source of Truth(SSOT) comes into the picture. It redefines the way you approach sales data management and ensures that the sales team always operates with accurate and consistent data. Here at Brysa, we strongly believe there are plenty of reasons to choose Salesforce as your single source of truth system. In this post, we will take you through the reasons for this and also highlight the challenges you might face in this process.  Why should you adopt Salesforce Single Source Of Truth? The massive popularity of Salesforce has always been due to its ability to offer a single source of truth to the sales team about their sales pipeline. Salesforce is an excellent candidate for being the single source of truth due to its following features:  Dashboards and reports: One can create data-rich reports and dashboards in minutes, thanks to Salesforce’s drag-and-drop interface. Highly configurable database: You can modify the Salesforce database without writing a single line of code. For instance, you can add fields or create custom objects and add them to the database. The best part is they are instantly ready for use. You can even set strong validation rules with a few clicks.  Adaptable security model: Like the database, you can configure the Salesforce security model without writing code. You can easily control access to objects, fields, reports, and dashboards. Custom fields and record types: You can create them to track specific types of data. For instance, customer preferences or sales opportunities. They ensure that you always have access to accurate and up-to-date data, thereby preventing costly mistakes. Chatter and Groups: These functions ensure efficient team collaboration, improving communication and coordination between teams. This ensures that there is no miscommunication related to data.  Here are a few other reasons why Salesforce is a single source of truth system: Increased Visibility: Since Salesforce offers access to comprehensive customer and business data, your sales teams can personalise their pitch and identify upsell opportunities, thereby boosting overall revenue.  Improved Decision-Making: Salesforce offers valuable insights to sales teams, helping them make data-backed decisions. Using Salesforce, one can easily analyse sales trends and develop successful business strategies. Greater  Efficiency: Salesforce streamlines business processes. This saves time and boosts the overall efficiency of your sales team. Enhanced Customer Experience: Salesforce helps in creating personalised customer experiences. This means increased loyalty, repeat business, and revenue via customer retention. Challenges faced by businesses while implementing Salesforce Single Source Of Truth Here are some obstacles that you might experience along with the corresponding solution: User Data Input Challenges Users sometimes miss adding data into Salesforce. This could be attributed to insufficient training or a lack of understanding of its benefits. Solution: Provide comprehensive training and support. You can adopt dynamic forms that display only relevant fields. This automatically reduces data input time, thereby encouraging users to input data. You can also utilise URL hacking to pre-fill data based on related records. This will save time and prevent incomplete or missing data. Dealing with Duplicate Data Duplicate data is another recurring issue while implementing Salesforce as your single source of truth. This can be attributed to multiple inputs or data imports from a variety of sources. Solution: You can employ third-party tools for automatic duplicate data identification and removal. You can also establish different validation rules to prevent duplicate input from users. Unique Identifier Implementation When there is a lack of unique identifiers for different records, it can lead to confusion in data retrieval.  Solution: You can use different Salesforce data cleaning solutions to generate unique identifiers automatically. This will help in maintaining consistent naming conventions for clarity. Managing Technology Costs The expense of the technology required for a Single Source of Truth can be a significant hurdle for most businesses. Solution: Explore free or cost-effective alternatives and leverage open-source data integration tools to reduce costs and justify the investment. How can Brysa help overcome these challenges? As you have seen from this post, achieving Salesforce SSOT is not easy. Even though we have listed down different solutions for these challenges, it becomes a daunting task for most businesses, especially if you are planning to invest in the Salesforce ecosystem. This is where Brysa can help. We are the UK’s leading Salesforce implementation and maintenance partner who have transformed the sales landscape of several businesses. We can transform your Salesforce into SSOT so that you reap the benefits discussed in this post. Contact us to know more about how we can help.