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Amplifying i-media’s Digital OOH Efficiency

  • Laborious and error-prone manual transfer of campaign data between Salesforce and Broadsign stifled efficiency.
  • A seamless integration solution was vital to minimize redundancies and ensure a smoother workflow.
  • The sales team needed enriched insights from a consolidated platform to drive better decision-making.
  • Brysa was brought onboard to bridge the gap between Salesforce and Broadsign.
  • Utilizing Broadsign’s robust API, Brysa integrated Salesforce into i-media’s campaign management workflow, ensuring synchronized and automated campaign bookings.
  • This integration facilitated a real-time sync between the platforms, minimizing manual interventions and streamlining operations.
  • A staggering 40% increase in operational efficiency was achieved by minimizing tasks that previously engaged three personnel.
  • Enhanced transparency provided sales teams with real-time inventory insights, reducing turnaround times for client briefs.
  • i-media could harness the combined capabilities of Salesforce and Broadsign, maximizing their technology stack’s potential.
API integration, Consultancy, Transformation
Decreased admin time, Strategic Value
Broadsign, Salesforce

In the UK’s Motorway Services Area (MSA) sector, i-media stands out with its transformation in out-of-home advertising. Moving from static displays to dynamic digital screens, they’ve made significant strides in the OOH space, powered by strategic technological partnerships.

According to a survey by MAGNA and Rapport, digital roadside billboards continue to dominate the OOH sector. i-media, having screens across the UK’s MSA network, is a testimony to this trend, given the rapid growth of its digital assets.

However, scaling from 50 full-motion D48 screens to an inventory of 650 screens within a short span brought its own set of challenges. Managing campaigns on spreadsheets became a mammoth task, prompting the shift to the Broadsign platform for better automation. The challenge then arose: how to integrate i-media’s CRM, Salesforce, with Broadsign seamlessly?

Enter Brysa. Recognized for our expertise in system integration, we were approached to bridge the gap. Tapping into Broadsign’s API, we integrated Salesforce with i-media’s campaign management workflow. This move eliminated the need for manual scheduling, and campaigns created in Salesforce reflected instantaneously in Broadsign. This integration reduced the operational workload significantly, leading to a 40% increase in i-media’s operational efficiency.

More than just the automation, the integration empowered the sales team with real-time insights into inventory availability. This transparency bolstered trust and reduced response times to advertisers and agencies, enhancing overall client relationships.

Our collaboration with i-media is a testament to Brysa’s commitment to providing tailored solutions in the OOH landscape. We pride ourselves on understanding and addressing specific challenges, offering solutions that not only solve immediate concerns but also add long-term value.

As i-media continues to expand in the digital OOH sector, they can rely on a robust technology stack that evolves with their needs. With partners like i-media, we look forward to more such opportunities to drive efficiency and growth in the industry.

A version of this case study appeared as an article posted at published on 18-Oct-2023

Case studies

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