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Case studies

Salesforce and SharePoint Integration: Seamless Synergy Via CloudFiles

  • Limited file storage capacity on Salesforce.
  • Files for the associated client pipeline stage had to be uploaded separately on Salesforce.
  • Duplication of effort due to edits being made on Salesforce and Sharepoint separately.
  • Seamlessly integrated Sharepoint with Salesforce so that the Aegis team could access all files in one place.
  • Made use of CloudFiles to bridge the gap between processes (in Salesforce) and files (in Sharepoint).
  • Wrote the code to specify the exact file location on Sharepoint ensuring 100% accuracy.
  • Enhanced capacity of file storage on Salesforce by leveraging Sharepoint’s capacity.
  • Up to 50% time saved in effort by doing away with change replication.
  • Making Salesforce the Single Source of Truth with additional data from files such as proposals and contracts.
Documents and Files Storage, RevOps
Consultancy, Sharepoint and Salesforce integration, Transformation
Avoiding repetition of tasks, Salesforce storage space enhancement, time saved
CloudFiles, Salesforce, Sharepoint

Our client, Aegis, wanted to automate various business processes, thereby saving time and effort spent on repeating operational tasks. They adopted Salesforce as their CRM and complemented it with Sharepoint for storing their files and folders. Their main goal was to make a complete transition into Salesforce, where they could store, access, and edit customer data with ease. That is when they got in touch with Brysa, and we carried out a flawless implementation of the ideal solution.

How Brysa fulfilled Aegis’s streamlining goals?

First and foremost, Brysa audited the existing tech stack and the workflows of Aegis. Using this research, they came up with two buckets – an “as is” stage and a “to be” stage.

“As is” stage:

  • Aegis utilised Sharepoint and created separate folders for their customers, with files and subfolders within them holding key sales documents.
  • These documents were often shared internally after access controls were set up. “View only,” “Comment,” or “Edit” access were given to employees within the organisation.
  • Edits in these files were made on Sharepoint.
  • A majority of files were also uploaded on Salesforce to access from that platform.

“To be” stage:

  • Aegis’s Salesforce and Sharepoint to be integrated to cut down the time wasted in switching tabs (Sharepoint tab and Salesforce tab).
  • Leverage Sharepoint’s storage space to overcome the challenge associated with Salesforce’s limited free capacity.
  • Integrate Salesforce and Sharepoint in such a way that files could be edited in one platform with changes simultaneously reflecting in the other.
  • Continue the access checks that the client had within the organisation.

To reach the “to be stage”, Brysa smartly utilised CloudFiles to link the Sharepoint library and Salesforce. CloudFiles, an application native to Salesforce, gives access to various Sharepoint files to the right object in Salesforce. For starters, Brysa devised a two-way link. Any changes to existing files or additions/deletions of files and folders in Salesforce were immediately reflected in Sharepoint and vice versa. This integration helped Aegis move towards a Single Source of Truth, which is often the first step towards complete automation.

Brysa utilised several other smart functionalities of CloudFiles to improve the overall efficiency of the team at Aegis.

  • File sharing through hyperlinks is one such example. It enabled the Aegis team to set strong access controls on the files without compromising the end-user’s experience.
  • There was also a chat window made available on these links, which was used for quick resolutions internally or with customers. This eliminated the need for exchanging multiple back-and-forth emails.
  • An additional benefit is analytics (data on the number of downloads, the total and unique views, total time spent), which was used for making data-driven decisions.

About Brysa

At Brysa, we aim to future-proof enterprises and increase their shelf life with AI integration. Salesforce, with its multi-dimensional capabilities and access to over 4,500 apps, is the tool we use to achieve this. We have rich experience in providing cutting-edge solutions to organisations across geographies and sectors.

We have leveraged our change management expertise in designing an AI Readiness Quiz to measure how prepared you truly are for seamless AI adoption within your systems and processes. The 10-minute free quiz with its customised results is inventive and is the first step you take to meet the challenge of automation head-on.

Case studies

Salesforce and SharePoint Integration: Seamless Synergy Via CloudFiles

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