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Measuring AI Readiness

  • The inability of businesses to realise the immense competitive advantages posed by AI even after skillfully incorporating it within business processes.
  • Lack of visibility on where businesses stand with regard to their readiness to integrate AI. 
  • CXOs and VPs consider AI tools as random siloed tools, despite their need to stay ahead of the curve and revolutionise RevOps with AI.
  • Brysa designed and launched a powerful Readiness For AI Quiz that gauges a business’s ability to future-proof its RevOps with AI.
  • The Quiz measures the preparation of a business across five parameters – 
    • Providing leadership to change
    • Automating repetitive tasks
    • Personalising customer experience
    • Optimising processes
    • Unifying data and insights
  • The quiz was distributed to CXOs and business leaders via LinkedIn and emails through a personalised campaign.
  • The assessment accurately measured and highlighted how quickly businesses could adopt AI and include it as an integral part of their ecosystem.
  • It offered a clear roadmap covering a coherent end goal and the key areas of improvement to fulfill that goal.
  • It showcased a specific pathway for adopting and using AI to its fullest capability. The pathway was tailored based on the assessment responses and the business’s current position regarding AI absorption.
Evaluating Future Readiness
Evaluation for future proofing your company
Brilliantly designed Readiness For AI Quiz
ChatGPT, Elementor


Brysa has conceptualised and developed a powerful Readiness for AI Quiz using automation tools like Google Gemini, ChatGPT and The results and insights provided by the quiz are not only personalised and unique, but invaluable to businesses of all sizes.

About The Readiness For AI Quiz

It is a short assessment that measures the preparation of a business for AI adoption and scores them unbiasedly. It even offers detailed feedback based on the achieved scores. Here are the steps Brysa undertook to make the test future-ready and help businesses seamlessly merge AI and business processes:

1. Identified the different criteria CXOs would want to evaluate themselves on. Using the data, Brysa collated the questions into 6 groups:

  •   High-level thinking
  •   Repetitive tasks
  •   Data silos, data capture and retrieval
  •   Personalised messaging
  •   Integration and interoperability between departments
  •   Real-time data, metrics and insights

2. Developed 5 perceptive questions under each group to help the test takers think along these lines.

3. Once the test is complete, package and send the results and scores to ChatGPT using Brysa’s ChatGPT API.

4. A comprehensive prompt has already been developed that provides ChatGPT with the necessary information and background on the 6 groups and the aim of the quiz. This helps it assess performance and return a customised result card.

5.  The result card is super precise and provides an assessment of the score and feedback on the next steps. It classifies them into the following 5 parameters:

  •   Providing leadership to change
  •   Automating repetitive tasks
  •   Personalising customer experience
  •   Optimising processes
  •   Unifying data and insights

  6. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the feedback is not generic and no two test takers get the same assessment.

About Brysa

We are the UK’s leading Salesforce implementation expert with a rich history of developing and implementing projects with a strong focus on AI. We are always super excited about the business applications of AI and have helped our clients seamlessly infuse AI within their business processes. In our most recent endeavour, we helped one of our clients boost sales and RevOps efficiency by 100% with Salesforce-ChatGPT integration.

The team at Brysa recently attended an informative course on Integrating AI for GTM. It highlighted how GTM and RevOps have evolved over the years and how blending them with AI and Automation is the next ‘BIG CHANGE’. While we interacted with other like-minded professionals who share our excitement about the multiple use cases of AI, we understood there is one big stumbling block. While everyone appreciates the huge competitive edge that AI and Automation provide, no one really knows where and how to start. In other words, they do not know how ready they are. And that’s when we decided to develop this revolutionary quiz.

Ready To Take Our Futuristic Quiz?

We invite you to take this quiz, which is open and free for all and takes no more than 10 minutes. This will be the most crucial 10 minutes of your professional life, as besides estimating your preparation, taking the test itself will be an amazing experience.

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Measuring AI Readiness

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