Boosting OOH Ad Efficiency: The Power of Strategic Tech Integration

The realm of Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, with its illustrious history of billboards and digital displays, stands as a vibrant testament to the advertising world’s capacity for innovation and endurance. Yet, beneath its impressive facade, the industry contends with a host of operational challenges that stifle its full potential. The adoption of emerging technologies has been […]

Salesforce Single Source Of Truth: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions

In the world of sales, data is everything. It provides valuable insights and tools for making informed decisions, optimising strategies, and effectively managing sales operations. However, this also means when important data is scattered across different systems, decision-making can quickly become overwhelming and unreliable for sales professionals. This is where the concept of a Single […]

The Cost of Inefficiency: Pitfalls of Neglecting Systems During Growth

Businesses across the globe are in constant pursuit of ways to expand their customer base, operations, and revenue streams. In this relentless pursuit of expansion, the temptation to make use of existing resources, cut corners, and be frugal is unavoidable. Most businesses try to scale their operations without the necessary systems and processes in place. […]

How Streamlining Workflows on Salesforce Can Boost Business

As a Salesforce partner and implementation specialist, at Brysa, we understand that many businesses face the challenge of managing multiple systems and platforms for their employees. This leads to a fragmented work experience, causing decreased productivity and decreased efficiency. We’ve seen firsthand how implementing Salesforce as a single platform can streamline operations and increase productivity […]

How Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Can Maximize ROI with Salesforce

Small and medium-sized businesses can maximize their return on investment (ROI) with the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce. However, the platform’s constant evolution can make maximizing ROI challenging. This is where engaging with experienced Salesforce consultants can be a game-changer. Here are some tips on how to maximize ROI with Salesforce and experienced consultants. Staying […]

Preventing Revenue Leakage: Solutions for Businesses

Generating profits is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. However, a common issue that businesses face is revenue leakage, which occurs when a business earns revenue but doesn’t collect it. This problem can be caused by a variety of factors, including human error, poor processes, and bad data. In many cases, revenue leakage […]

FTX and beyond: scaling beyond QB with Accounting Seed and Salesforce

The collapse of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange run by Sam Bankman-Fried, has shed light on the limitations of finance and accounting software for fast-growing medium-sized businesses. John Ray III, the new CEO, testifying in front of the United States Congress, highlighted that FTX used QuickBooks, a popular accounting software, but that it is not suitable […]

Southwest Airlines’ failure is a lesson in how to think about tech


Technology investment is often perceived as a cost center, with the perception being that it is an expense that a company must bear in order to remain competitive. However, this perception is misguided, as technology investment can actually serve as a profit center for a company. This is exemplified by the failure of Southwest Airlines, […]

How Salesforce Single Source of Truth can boost sales and increase revenue


Implementing a single source of truth, or SSOT, in Salesforce can have a significant impact on an organization’s revenue. A single source of truth refers to the practice of having a single, definitive data source that all departments within an organization rely on for accurate information. In the context of Salesforce, this means having a […]