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The Path to Automated Workflows and Processes from Multiple Excel Spreadsheets

Automating Workflows and Processes

Imagine a scenario 10 years back in your office. Your employee is applying for a leave request. Here’s what typically happens: Employee sends a leave request email to the manager The manager checks the email during his routine ‘email-checking’ hours  The manager reviews the leave request and approves it The manager sends a response email […]

Salesforce And Green Engineering: Powering Each Other Onward

Salesforce And Green Engineering

In recent years, green engineering has gained significant attention from investors, CEOs, and business owners due to the rising awareness about climate change and its impact on natural resources. Many of them have already started adopting green engineering solutions not only to mitigate their environmental footprint but also to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency, and […]

How does SSOT create a better foundation for GenAI in your company?

How does SSOT create a better foundation for GenAI

Pick any successful company that has mastered the art of data management and governance; you will find that they have all embraced SSOT or Single Source Of Truth in one way or the other. To the unversed, SSOT is the process of structuring all your data in a way so that there is always a […]

Growing Significance of Programmatic and Data in OOH Advertising

Programmatic and Data in OOH Advertising

Growing Significance of Programmatic and Data in OOH Advertising Are you part of the OOH (Out-Of-Home) or the Digital OOH (DOOH) advertising industry? Then exciting times are ahead for you. Recent advancements in AdTech have led to the rise of one of the biggest trends ever seen in the OOH format. Yes, we are talking […]

Navigating the current trends in Salesforce development with the advent of AI

Salesforce, renowned for its robust CRM solutions, has evolved beyond a mere customer database platform. It has become a dynamic ecosystem that leverages cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to drive business growth. In fact, the integration of AI and Salesforce, in particular, has helped many businesses navigate some of the recent trends […]

Salesforce as the Ultimate Single Source of Truth: Integrating Business Lifecycle with RevOps Flow

As organizations work towards different goals like increased efficiency, faster decision-making, reduced risks, and better revenue, it becomes increasingly difficult not to talk about the role of RevOps in achieving them.    Traditionally, sales, marketing, services, and finance have operated via distinct, specialized systems—like a billing tool that was suitable only for one-time purchases but […]

Boosting OOH Ad Efficiency: The Power of Strategic Tech Integration

The realm of Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, with its illustrious history of billboards and digital displays, stands as a vibrant testament to the advertising world’s capacity for innovation and endurance. Yet, beneath its impressive facade, the industry contends with a host of operational challenges that stifle its full potential. The adoption of emerging technologies has been […]

Salesforce Single Source Of Truth: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions

In the world of sales, data is everything. It provides valuable insights and tools for making informed decisions, optimising strategies, and effectively managing sales operations. However, this also means when important data is scattered across different systems, decision-making can quickly become overwhelming and unreliable for sales professionals. This is where the concept of a Single […]

The Cost of Inefficiency: Pitfalls of Neglecting Systems During Growth

Businesses across the globe are in constant pursuit of ways to expand their customer base, operations, and revenue streams. In this relentless pursuit of expansion, the temptation to make use of existing resources, cut corners, and be frugal is unavoidable. Most businesses try to scale their operations without the necessary systems and processes in place. […]