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How does SSOT create a better foundation for GenAI in your company?

Pick any successful company that has mastered the art of data management and governance; you will find that they have all embraced SSOT or Single Source Of Truth in one way or the other. To the unversed, SSOT is the process of structuring all your data in a way so that there is always a single, accurate, and lone source for any piece of information. These companies very well know the different Single Source Of Truth benefits. SSOT creates a solid foundation for GenAI in their company as it defines how they sustain in a world dominated by artificial intelligence. In this post, we will understand more about how SSOT helps such companies better set up and manage GenAI. 

Key data requirements of GenAI

Here, we delve into the key data requirements essential for the success of GenAI.


The data you feed into GenAI systems should always be consistent and accurate. Why? Because the more consistent and representative the data is, the better the GenAI model’s ability to generate meaningful output. Any inconsistencies can lead to erroneous conclusions or predictions. An SSOT minimises discrepancies and improves the reliability of the generated insights.


 You need to ensure that the highest quality of data is fed into the GenAI model for its effective training. SSOT centralises data management and ensures data integrity. It also promotes excellent data quality by enforcing standards for data entry, storage, and management. 

Data Access:

A typical GenAI system demands uninterrupted access to large volumes of data. This is needed for both training and inference purposes. SSOT helps in this regard by offering a centralised repository from which the GenAI system can retrieve information. This automatically reduces the time and resources required for retrieving relevant data for the above tasks. 


While building and training GenAI models, you will need multiple people from different teams to work together. Most of the time, there will be a lack of coordination between them, resulting in ineffective GenAI models. But with SSOT, you get a common framework for data sharing and communication. This ensures that teams can seamlessly collaborate with each other and that they are always on the same page when it comes to data sources.


GenAI applications evolve rapidly and constantly grow in complexity. As a result, the underlying data infrastructure must always be scalable in order to support increasing demands. SSOT provides a scalable foundation for this. It enables companies to accommodate growing volumes of data and expanding AI workloads. The best part – it doesn’t compromise on performance or reliability.

Compliance and Governance:

GenAI initiatives are always subjected to various regulatory requirements. For instance, they need to ensure data privacy and security all the time. SSOT enables companies to implement robust governance and compliance mechanisms. It does this by establishing clear policies and controls for data access, usage, and protection. 

How does Salesforce Single Source Of Truth lay the best foundation for GenAI systems?

Here are the different reasons to adopt the Single Source Of Truth Salesforce platform if you want to streamline your GenAI efforts – 

It unifies customer data:

By using Salesforce as your primary SSOT framework, you can ensure that all the customer information is stored in Salesforce. Salesforce integrates with almost every tool and platform on this planet so that information flows freely across different systems, including the GenAI models. This means you need only two platforms to run the entire show – Salesforce and the GenAI system. 

360-Degree Customer View:

If your GenAI system demands a holistic view of each customer in order to personalise recommendations, make accurate predictions, and generate stellar service experiences, Salesforce can make that happen. Salesforce maintains a comprehensive profile of all your customers, including their interactions, preferences, and purchase history, so that you can adopt Single Source Of Truth marketing and sales for your business.

Sales Process Optimization:

Many GenAI solutions analyse sales data to identify patterns and trends in your sales processes. It can also predict customer behaviour and market dynamics. By leveraging Salesforce, you can ensure that the data used by these GenAI models to optimise sales processes is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date. Ultimately, ‘Salesforce + GenAI’ offers more reliable predictions and lets you make better-informed sales decisions.

AI-Powered Sales Insights:

Integrating Salesforce with GenAI solutions enables you to unlock valuable sales insights. Salesforce ensures that the data fed into the GenAI model for sales forecasting, lead scoring, and opportunity management is of the highest quality. This enables your sales teams to prioritise leads, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and forecast revenue with greater accuracy.

Wrap Up

We will be honest here – while an SSOT indeed offers a better foundation for GenAI in your company, building an SSOT framework using Salesforce is not easy, especially if you are new to the ecosystem. It will demand a lot of resources, capital and time from you. This is where  Brysa can help. As the UK’s foremost Salesforce company with expertise in Salesforce consulting services and Salesforce implementation services, we’ve helped numerous enterprises streamline their Salesforce management and leverage it to build a solid SSOT framework. Talk to us to discuss how we can assist you further.

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