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Accounting Seed Quick Start

The ultimate catalyst for your accounting operations to move towards financial efficiency and total control. 

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Installation and setup

Master data management

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Opening balance data migration

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Optional: Avalara integration

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The ultimate catalyst for your accounting operations to move towards financial efficiency and total control. 


Company Benefits

Streamline financial management

Build a holistic ecosystem where financial data, customer information, and business processes are interconnected, allowing for streamlined financial management.

Unified accounting system

Use one platform to manage your general ledger, billing & cash receipts, accounts payable and cash disbursements, PSA, fund accounting, and project accounting functions.

Achieve data-driven growth

Get access to consolidated data from different sources that facilitate a holistic view of operations, ultimately aiding in comprehensive decision-making.

Scalable accounting solution

Easily adapt and grow your accounting system as your business expands, thanks to the high degrees of customisation possible in Accounting Seed.


User Benefits

Tailored reports

Get customised reports on every function, from sales to invoicing, enabling you to visually track your company’s performance on a regular basis.

Automate tasks

Effectively leverage built-in automation capabilities of the system to streamline routine and repetitive tasks, contributing to increased efficiency.

Real-time collaboration

Integration of Accounting Seed with the remaining Salesforce suite of products facilitates real-time collaboration between different departments.

Better ledger management

Create customisable charts of accounts that allow you to define account structures and categories, which streamlines ledger management.


Key Use Cases


Project-based accounting

Create dedicated project accounts for various campaigns within the Chart of Accounts.  Track project-specific expenses, such as creative development, media buying, and campaign execution costs. By associating revenue with the project, you get a comprehensive view of the campaign’s financial performance, ensuring profitability analysis and accurate invoicing to the client.

Revenue recognition

Get support for nuanced revenue recognition methods that are tailored to the media industry. Recognise revenue from online ads based on clicks or impressions. Enjoy the platform’s advanced flexibility that ensures adherence to industry-specific revenue recognition standards, providing accurate financial reporting for different ad revenue streams.

Revenue management

Systematically record ad sales, track costs associated with each campaign, and manage revenue recognition. Create custom journals for different types of advertising transactions that allow for detailed financial tracking. Use these capabilities for effective resource allocation and for making data-driven decisions that enhance overall profitability.


Our Results

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savings on time spent on accounting processes through streamlined workflows and automation.

0 %

improvement in data accuracy with improved data management and validation features.

0 %

faster month-end closing processes, enabling quicker insights into financial performance.

Frequently asked questions

It is a cloud-based accounting platform designed to streamline financial management directly within the Salesforce environment.

Accounting Seed is designed to handle complex financial structures and diverse reporting needs. It provides customisable reporting features, allowing users to generate reports tailored to specific roles, departments, or stakeholders.

It is designed specifically for organisations looking for a rapid and straightforward implementation of the Accounting Seed platform. This package is well-suited for:

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The ultimate catalyst for your accounting operations to move towards financial efficiency and total control. 

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