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Marketing Cloud Quick Start

Deliver relevant, personalised experiences to your customers across digital touch points.

Package Outline

What’s included

Discovery & design

Salesforce Marketing Cloud configurations

Salesforce training

Time to value

30 day post implementation check-in

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Deliver relevant, personalised experiences to your customers across digital touch points.


Company Benefits

Consistent Messaging

Employ one voice across marketing channels. Whether interacting through email or SMS, ensure your customers get the right message with utmost clarity .

Personalised Campaigns

Create campaigns that speak directly to your audience’s needs. Weave a strong narrative that captures hearts and converts leads into customers.

Robust Framework

Provide your marketers with a swift and efficient enterprise framework for boosting your MQL conversion rates and enhancing customer perception.

Optimise Budget Spent

Optimise every pound spent and ensure maximum impact for your budget. Get access to best practices and cutting-edge features to perfect your initiatives.


User Benefits

Personalise Configurations

Get access to fine-tuned configurations that will align Marketing Cloud with your unique business objectives and changing marketing trends.

Access features with confidence

Confidently access and utilise Marketing Cloud’s cutting-edge features powered by AI to save your valuable hours and augment your day-to-day operations.

Data-driven decisions

The more you know, the more you grow. Get comprehensive and distilled insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and engagement patterns.

Get a single source of truth

Experience error free marketing operations and a single source of truth once we ntegrate Marketing Cloud with other popular marketing automation tools.


Key Use Cases

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Multichannel Marketing

Streamline complex quoting processes for media sales involving multiple products, packages, and customised offerings. By handling the A-Z of quotes, this package allows your team to focus on what matters most – building and nurturing client relationships.

Lead Generation

Simplify client data collection using predefined questions tailored to gather key information such as advertising preferences, target demographics, and campaign objectives. This streamlines the media sales process, ensuring error-free delivery of customised media packages.

Pipeline Management

Manage the complexities of subscription-based sales, including tiered pricing, contract terms, and renewals. Always ensure accurate billing that facilitates a smooth and efficient subscription-based sales process.


Our Results

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increase in media marketing campaign effectiveness

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improvement in audience engagement across all channels

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reduction in time spent on campaign management and execution

Frequently asked questions

It is platform designed for digital marketing automation and analytics. It is a part of the larger Salesforce ecosystem.

It is a pre-configured and tailored implementation package designed to help organisations quickly deploy and start using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

In the Quick Start package, you get pre-configured settings, templates, and configurations designed to accelerate the implementation process. In a standard package, the entire implementation process will be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the organisation.  

Contact the Brysa team for personalised quotes. 

Get a free consultation

Deliver relevant, personalised experiences to your customers across digital touch points.

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