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Sales Cloud Quick Start

Optimise RevOps for faster sales cycles with 360° view of your customer.

Package Outline

What’s included

Discovery & design

Salesforce configurations

Salesforce training

Time to value

30 day post implementation check-in

Sales Cloud Quick Start

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Optimise RevOps for faster sales cycles with 360° view of your customer.


Company Benefits

Revenue Growth

Equips you and your team to seize opportunities, close deals, and drive revenue growth at a rapid pace, potentially at a 2x rate.


Promotes seamless teamwork by centralising critical sales data, making it easily accessible and shareable among team members.

Smart Selling

Enables your sales team to make  informed decisions and focus on high-value activities, such as building relationships and closing deals.

Faster Returns

Helps in realising returns on your investment sooner, thanks to a short time to value of just 4-5 weeks.


User Benefits

Streamlined Processes

Optimizes media sales operations for users by simplifying ad campaign management, refining content distribution, and providing efficient reporting and analytics capabilities.

Improved Customer Engagement

Offers better customer experience thanks to a 360° view of your audience’s behaviors. Users can now personalize content and ad campaigns to specific audience segments.

Industry-Specific Configurations

Provides access to customized configurations that align Sales Cloud with specific media workflows. This ensures users get tailored systems to meet their industry-specific needs.

Expert Guidance

Gives access to industry-specific guidance on how to configure a single path for converting leads and opportunities into customers.


Key Use Cases

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Opportunity Tracking

Effortlessly monitor and capitalize on opportunities tied to advertising campaigns, sponsorships, and content partnerships. Our Sales Cloud Quick Start package enables your team to track and manage opportunities in a centralized hub, maximizing the potential for successful conversions.

Ad Sales Management

With our Sales Cloud Quick Start Package, your team can efficiently navigate the ad sales pipeline, and oversee every stage of the sales process. Seamlessly manage client interactions, track inventory availability and optimize ad placements by strategically allocating resources.

Media Buying and Planning

Our Sales Cloud Quick Start Package offers 360° insights into media campaign performance. Seamlessly track ad spend and ensure that budgets align with strategic goals. From negotiating deals to analyzing media buying efficiency, our package optimizes your workflow for precision.


Our Results

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increase in media sales productivity

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improvement in lead conversion rates for media sales

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reduction in sales cycle times for media businesses

Source: Salesforce Sales Hub

Frequently asked questions

Sales Cloud is a part of Salesforce, a cloud-based customer relationship management platform. Salesforce Sales Cloud is specifically designed to streamline and enhance the sales process for your business.

The Sales Cloud Quick Start Package is designed to accelerate the implementation process of Salesforce Sales Cloud for your business. It typically includes a set of predefined configurations, best practices, and guidance to help organisations quickly set up and customise the Sales Cloud according to their specific needs

Absolutely, whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, this package is suitable for you.

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Optimise RevOps for faster sales cycles with 360° view of your customer.

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