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Salesforce CPQ Quick Start

Experience faster quotes, accurate product configurations, and efficient deal closures.

Package Outline

What’s included

Discovery & design

CPQ configurations

Salesforce training

Time to value

30 day post implementation check-in

Salesforce AdOps Services

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Experience faster quotes, accurate product configurations, and efficient deal closures.


Company Benefits

Accelerated Quote-To-Cash Process

Turbocharge your quote-to-cash workflows instantly. Experience swift transactions that keep pace with your dynamic business demands and growing industry needs.

Improved Pricing Strategies

Make pricing a strategic advantage, not a challenge. Elevate your pricing strategies to new heights and experience total flexibility in your sales process.

Enhanced Customer Experience

First impressions matter, and you’ll make the best one. Impress your clients with prompt, precise quotes that showcase your business and services in the best light.

Granular Control Of Spending

Take command of your projects with great precision. Gain total control over project scope and spending, ensuring transparency throughout its lifecycle.


User Benefits

Simplified Quoting Process

Get an intuitive ecosystem to create, modify, and manage quotes seamlessly. No more headaches—just a streamlined, user-friendly way to manage your workflows.

Automation and Guided Selling

Automate routine tasks and get guidance for each step. Experience a new level of efficiency as you effortlessly create compelling pricing configurations, ensuring faster sales journey.

Intelligent Insights

Get real-time access to critical data that enables data-driven decision-making. Get instant access to reports on quotes, orders, invoices, and payments for efficient functioning.

Sell Right Product Mix

Take a proactive approach to selling the right product combinations. Upsell and cross-sell the right mix of products & services to the right customers with great success.


Key Use Cases

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Media Sales Optimisation

Streamline complex quoting processes for media sales involving multiple products, packages, and customised offerings. By handling the A-Z of quotes, this package allows your team to focus on what matters most – building and nurturing client relationships.

Targeted Audience Engagement

Simplify client data collection using predefined questions tailored to gather key information such as advertising preferences, target demographics, and campaign objectives. This streamlines the media sales process, ensuring error-free delivery of customised media packages.

Subscription-Based Sales

Manage the complexities of subscription-based sales, including tiered pricing, contract terms, and renewals. Always ensure accurate billing that facilitates a smooth and efficient subscription-based sales process.


Our Results

0 %

reduction in quote generation time for media sales

0 %

increase in quote accuracy, reducing costly errors

0 %

improvement in deal closure rates for media businesses

Frequently asked questions

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It is a powerful software developed by Salesforce to help companies accurately price and quote their products and services.

This is a tailored CPQ implementation package that is aimed at providing a streamlined and faster deployment of CPQ capabilities within the Salesforce environment.

The package is suitable for all kinds of businesses as we tailor it precisely to meet your requirements irrespective of how big or small your company is. 

Absolutely. You can access CPQ configurations customised to the media industry to improve productivity of your team.

Get a free consultation

Experience faster quotes, accurate product configurations, and efficient deal closures.

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