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Service Cloud Quick Start

Align your CS team with a customer-centric approach using our Salesforce Service Cloud Quick Start package. 

Package Outline

What’s included

Discovery & design

Salesforce configurations

Omnichannel support setup

Salesforce training

Time to value

30 day post implementation check-in

Sales Cloud Quick Start

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Align your CS team with a customer-centric approach using our Salesforce Service Cloud Quick Start package. 


Company Benefits

Salesforce ecosystem integration

Experience seamless integration of Service Cloud with the rest of the Salesforce ecosystem and third-party applications to eliminate data misalignments.

Streamlined service processes

Efficiently assign cases to suitable agents based on skills and workload, ensuring prompt resolutions and happier customers.

Enhanced customer loyalty

Gain a 360-degree understanding of your customers, their interactions, and preferences for improved customer service.

Multi-channel service

Connect with customers across multiple channels with great ease, offering true omnichannel experience.


User Benefits

Faster resolution to queries

Experience improved productivity as you get to establish, sustain, and use a comprehensive knowledge database, enabling faster resolution of customer cases.

Continual performance enhancement

Get ongoing support and constant access to media-industry-specific best practices and hacks that help in continuously refining your CS efforts.

Monitor and track performance

Managers can monitor and track service performance 24/7 with the help of dedicated dashboards and customisable reports.

Operate with better confidence

Get access to Service Cloud configurations that adhere to industry compliance standards so that you can operate with confidence.


Key Use Cases

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Case management

Centralise all your media customer support requests and automate your case creation process. Prioritise and assign cases only to the appropriate agents to ensure timely and personalised responses, improving overall customer satisfaction.

License management

Manage media licensing agreements, track partner interactions, and automate communication workflows. Use them to effectively manage partner inquiries, manage content distribution, and ensure compliance with licensing terms.

Campaign support

Track and manage client inquiries related to advertising campaigns. Agents can access relevant campaign data, address client concerns, and provide timely updates, improving communication and customer satisfaction.


Our Results

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increase in customer support productivity

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reduction in case resolution time

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improvement in customer satisfaction ratings

Frequently asked questions

It is a customer service and support platform that enables businesses to deliver personalised and efficient customer service across various channels.

Yes, Service Cloud caters to businesses of all sizes. It offers scalable solutions, allowing small businesses to start with basic features and expand as their customer service needs grow.

Within a short span, this package enables media businesses to deliver personalised and responsive customer support. This helps in boosting customer loyalty.

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Get a free consultation

Align your CS team with a customer-centric approach using our Salesforce Service Cloud Quick Start package. 

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