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Growing Significance of Programmatic and Data in OOH Advertising

Programmatic and Data in OOH Advertising

Growing Significance of Programmatic and Data in OOH Advertising Are you part of the OOH (Out-Of-Home) or the Digital OOH (DOOH) advertising industry? Then exciting times are ahead for you. Recent advancements in AdTech have led to the rise of one of the biggest trends ever seen in the OOH format. Yes, we are talking about programmatic OOH advertising. A significant global demand for programmatic OOH ads is expected in 2024 and beyond. In fact, most of the spending in OOH campaigns this year will be driven by a rapid expansion in programmatic OOH and data advertising. In this post, we will understand the growing significance of programmatic and data in OOH advertising. What is programmatic OOH advertising? Programmatic OOH advertising is the process of automatic buying, selling, and delivering out-of-home advertising. Unlike traditional OOH advertising, programmatic OOH advertising uses computers to orchestrate the sale and distribution of ad content. This is quite similar to what is prevalent in typical online advertising. The only difference is – in programmatic OOH advertising, customers define specific parameters for media acquisition, which then performs programmatic data analysis and triggers automatic ad purchases upon fulfillment of these criteria.With that introduction, let us understand why programmatic OOH advertising has grown in importance in recent years. Why is the significance of programmatic OOH advertising surging? Here are 6 different reasons why programmatic OOH advertising is the new talk of the town in the OOH industry: 1. Quicker activation          Advertising and marketing are extremely time-dependent. Even a couple of days you waste in launching a campaign can be the difference between a successful sale and a lost sale. This is where programmatic OOH advertising helps, as it lets you quickly upload, schedule, and initiate campaigns. Put simply; it doesn’t matter if your campaign has to align with the latest social trends or if you need to respond promptly to a market shift; programmatic OOH ensures the timely delivery of campaigns. 2.Real-time optimization          Programmatic OOH advertising can help optimize your campaigns in real time, a key requirement in the OOH industry. Advertisers can dynamically enhance their campaigns thanks to continuous monitoring of campaign performance and the generation of advanced reports. Advertisers can swiftly adjust their messaging, targeting criteria, and creative components as and when needed. This proactive, real-time model enables data-driven decision-making. 3. Dynamic Creative Optimization          Imagine you run an OOH creative display campaign during an Ashes test match between England and Australia. If England beats Australia, you would want the creative to change quickly to congratulate England so that fans witness the congratulatory message while returning home. This is made possible via Programmatic OOH thanks to its Dynamic Creative Optimization capabilities. Advertisers can also modify content such as images and ad copies based on unique factors such as weather conditions and traffic information. For instance, you can display ads based on the temperature or UV index to display the most relevant ad creative. 4. Improved targeting           Programmatic DOOH also enables you to reach your desired audience with amazing accuracy. It uses a data-driven and programmatic strategy to help you carefully target specific demographics and locations, which ultimately helps in pushing hyper-relevant and personalized messages. Even granular factors such as the time of day can be used to improve your targeting capabilities. Ultimately, programmatic targeting ensures that all your ads are more impactful and result in better conversion rates.  5. Creative opportunities          Programmatic OOH advertising has unlocked a cartload of opportunities for advertisers. Thanks to the creative flexibility programmatic OOH offers, advertisers can run an ad on a wide variety of screens. Be it a small TV in a gym to a large screen in a shopping mall, advertisers can target people from walks of life that were previously unimaginable. Advertisers have all the knowledge at their fingertips, including who, where, and when someone will see their ad. This helps them build targeted messages into their creative that are supported by the ad’s physical surroundings.          6. Integration capabilitiesProgrammatic OOH seamlessly integrates various data sources, including mobile and online data, amplifying campaign effectiveness through informed decision-making, optimization, and impact measurement. Moreover, this integration with other advertising channels, like digital and social media, fosters a smoother customer journey, augmenting the overall efficacy of OOH campaigns. Wrap Up The role of programmatic technology has transformed the way OOH advertising works. Thanks to it, advertisers can now achieve unprecedented levels of targeting precision, flexibility, and overall effectiveness in their campaigns. However, infusing programmatic technology into OOH advertising is not easy and takes a lot of time and resources. This is where the need to partner with an OOH expert like Brysa arises. We are the world’s leading OOH consultant with a focus on the Salesforce ecosystem. We ensure that you and your team effortlessly adapt to the changing OOH landscape including the efficient handling of programmatic and data in OOH advertising. To know more about Brysa and how we can help, contact us now. Frequently asked questions​ 1. What are the creative opportunities offered by programmatic OOH advertising? Programmatic OOH provides creative flexibility, allowing advertisers to run ads on various screens and target diverse audiences across different locations and times, maximizing the impact of their campaigns. 2. Why is programmatic OOH advertising significant? It offers quicker campaign activation, real-time optimization, dynamic creative changes, improved targeting, creative flexibility, and seamless integration with data sources. 3. How does OOH advertising differ from traditional methods? Unlike traditional OOH advertising, programmatic OOH utilizes automated processes, enabling real-time adjustments and data-driven targeting. 4. How can I learn more about programmatic OOH advertising? Contact Brysa for insights and consultation on implementing programmatic OOH advertising strategies tailored to your needs. 5. How does programmatic OOH advertising integrate with other channels? Programmatic OOH seamlessly integrates with mobile, online, and social media data, amplifying campaign effectiveness through informed decision-making, optimization, and impact measurement, fostering a smoother customer