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24×7 ad trafficking: time and money for publisher focusing on core competencies

Our publisher clients in the digital media and digital out of home media typically own multiple assets or varying formats and specifications. While their primary focus is usually on continuing to grow their list of real estate they can offer for brands to advertise in and to ensure maximum occupancy of those real estate, many of them were also handling the trafficking and scheduling of the creative ad assets to their real estate. The latter not being their core competency has the potential and usually very quickly became unmanageable without significant investment of leadership and management time and effort leading to lack of focus on the primary goals. Thus, our publisher clients faced loss of revenue, stressed teams and unhappy brands. The key challenges with trafficking of creative ad assets and scheduling of them in the publisher’s CMS are manifold. Some of our clients own real estate of varying specifications. Some of their out of home estate can play motion, while other can’t. Some need to be of a certain resolution while other of another. A smorgasbord of variations mean the creative agencies that supply ad copies to the publisher find it easy to get lost and end up supplying ad assets of wrong specs. Image 1: Iconic real estate like the Shoreditch Canvas demands perfect ad deliver This presents the second challenge to the publisher presenting them with a situation where they have to meticulously check all the assets delivered and where there are errors communicate back to the creative agencies and the paying brands any delays or loss of publishing space because of the errors. Thirdly, even if it were made as the responsibility of a dedicated operations team, the challenges of coordinating with the sales team to avoid any penalties or explanations of errors meant a significant management and leadership time and energy was spent on nitty-gritties that can be managed by specialist provider of such operations. Brysa offered specialised ad trafficking services to the publishers. We set up a team whose core competency would be build and run a streamlined process that achieved the following: efficient handling of variations on the specifications; clear, timely communication with all the stakeholders; measuring performance internally by setting up and following an SLA-driven process. We quickly achieved not only proficiency in the ad trafficking processes of digital media and digital out of home media industry, we also became very good at scaling up, which helped our publisher clients to expand the range of options they provided to their paying brands. Image 2: Real-time tracking of ad trafficking process in Brysa desk enables peak performance Because of the comfort and efficiencies we delivered, our publisher clients now sell trigger/ event based campaign playout entrusting Brysa to delivery accurately to brief. They also have become more hands-off in the ad trafficking process safe in the knowledge that even if the creative agency delivers ad copies to incorrect spec, we will manage the situation and escalate to the publisher when necessary. Lastly there is also strong reporting provided by us that helps the publisher clients track our continuously improving performance. A combination of the above factors have helped the publishers focus more on their core competencies which is to grow their real estate and sell more ad spaces in them.