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Our services

We de-risk Digital Salesforce transformations through our tested methodology.

What we deliver

Consultancy Services

Salesforce consulting
AdTech SaaS Consulting
Accounting seed consulting

As a Salesforce consulting firm based in London, we offer Salesforce and AdTech consulting services to clients in the Digital media and Digital out of home media industries. Our methodology, as Salesforce business consultants, focuses on Digital Transformation and Business Process Re-engineering to achieve significant increases in revenue and profitability. Our Salesforce consulting service is always delivery and implementation-focused, providing practical and implementable solutions to real business problems.

Implementation Services

Salesforce implementation
Accounting Seed implementation

Our team of salesforce implementation consultants provides proven, value-added implementation services to help our clients transition from their current state to the desired state, whether it be adopting a new Salesforce system or migrating legacy systems to Salesforce. Our Agile salesforce implementation services are built on Agile principles and tailored to the specific needs of the industry. Our delivery focus has helped us to successfully deliver on our commitments time after time, de-risking the transformation process and ensuring a smooth transition.

Maintenance Services

Salesforce Maintenance
Accounting Seed maintenance

For any organization looking to grow, technology should be considered a vital aspect of their journey. Whether it be providing tech-enabled solutions to clients or using technology to run a successful business, it’s important for businesses to think ahead and take action to continuously improve their technology. This is where our company comes in, we provide reliable salesforce maintenance services to our clients to assist them in this endeavor.

Ad trafficking Services

Campaign services to DOOH industry

We specialize in working with publishers and media owners in the digital media and digital out of home media industries. Our experience with various AdTech and CMS platforms has allowed us to manage thousands of campaigns and millions of creatives with varied studio workflows. Our offshore team offers a cost-effective solution for publishers to minimize AdOps overheads and instead focus on increasing revenue. Our services are available 24×7, reliable, transparent, and audited to meet the needs of our clients.

How we deliver

At Brysa, our team of experienced salesforce sales cloud consultants, adtech consultants, and accounting seed consultants are dedicated to helping businesses transform digitally or through changes in business processes. We understand that undergoing a digital transformation is like performing a major surgery, where it’s crucial to keep the business running while the changes are being made. Working with teams of many people can also be a significant challenge. However, we have developed a method that minimizes risks and sets the organization on a path to success. This is achieved through careful planning, clear communication and other factors that contribute to a smooth and successful transition.

Salesforce is a leading business platform that has earned the trust of thousands of companies worldwide. Its pre-built capabilities make it easy to improve efficiency and productivity for teams right from the start. With its powerful functionality, businesses can experience significant improvements in their operations.


As companies strive to grow, high-volume, high-velocity transactions become a necessity. However, this increased activity also brings with it a heightened risk to data and information security. Recognizing the importance of this issue, we make data and information security a top priority in our technology transformation planning and execution. This includes utilizing Salesforce’s industry-leading data security practices and integrating with third-party platforms to ensure the utmost protection for our clients’ sensitive information.

In order to run a successful business, it’s important to have a balance of people, processes, and technology. Our approach focuses on creating a technology platform that empowers the company’s employees and streamlines their workflows by automating certain tasks. This allows them to focus on more important and valuable tasks. By ensuring a balance between these three key elements, our change methodology sets the foundation for a well-run business.


Our approach to designing business processes and workflows is focused on aligning them with the company’s objectives. We use data-driven methods to create or optimize processes and workflows, and focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be accurately measured after integration of technology. This approach establishes a strong foundation for a successful launch and ongoing improvement, ensuring that the processes and workflows are tailored to the company’s specific needs.


Our change management approach is centered on ensuring the success and adoption of any solutions implemented. We have developed a method where our consultative and listen-first approach prioritizes a journey of transformation that involves working closely with our clients, continuously updating technology, and making necessary changes to roles and processes. This approach ensures that any solutions we implement are embraced by the team and effectively drive the desired results.

Process-based change management

Our change management approach is rooted in Agile principles and is customized for industries such as Digital Media and Digital out of home media that require quick, adaptable solutions. We focus on effective stakeholder management, consistent progress monitoring, and regular evaluations to ensure success. Our incremental releases and other techniques guarantee successful outcomes in fast-paced environments.

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