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Measuring AI Readiness

Introduction Brysa has conceptualised and developed a powerful Readiness for AI Quiz using automation tools like Google Gemini, ChatGPT and The results and insights provided by the quiz are not only personalised and unique, but invaluable to businesses of all sizes. About The Readiness For AI Quiz It is a short assessment that measures the preparation of a business for AI adoption and scores them unbiasedly. It even offers detailed feedback based on the achieved scores. Here are the steps Brysa undertook to make the test future-ready and help businesses seamlessly merge AI and business processes: 1. Identified the different criteria CXOs would want to evaluate themselves on. Using the data, Brysa collated the questions into 6 groups:   High-level thinking   Repetitive tasks   Data silos, data capture and retrieval   Personalised messaging   Integration and interoperability between departments   Real-time data, metrics and insights 2. Developed 5 perceptive questions under each group to help the test takers think along these lines. 3. Once the test is complete, package and send the results and scores to ChatGPT using Brysa’s ChatGPT API. 4. A comprehensive prompt has already been developed that provides ChatGPT with the necessary information and background on the 6 groups and the aim of the quiz. This helps it assess performance and return a customised result card. 5.  The result card is super precise and provides an assessment of the score and feedback on the next steps. It classifies them into the following 5 parameters:   Providing leadership to change   Automating repetitive tasks   Personalising customer experience   Optimising processes   Unifying data and insights   6. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the feedback is not generic and no two test takers get the same assessment. About Brysa We are the UK’s leading Salesforce implementation expert with a rich history of developing and implementing projects with a strong focus on AI. We are always super excited about the business applications of AI and have helped our clients seamlessly infuse AI within their business processes. In our most recent endeavour, we helped one of our clients boost sales and RevOps efficiency by 100% with Salesforce-ChatGPT integration. The team at Brysa recently attended an informative course on Integrating AI for GTM. It highlighted how GTM and RevOps have evolved over the years and how blending them with AI and Automation is the next ‘BIG CHANGE’. While we interacted with other like-minded professionals who share our excitement about the multiple use cases of AI, we understood there is one big stumbling block. While everyone appreciates the huge competitive edge that AI and Automation provide, no one really knows where and how to start. In other words, they do not know how ready they are. And that’s when we decided to develop this revolutionary quiz. Ready To Take Our Futuristic Quiz? We invite you to take this quiz, which is open and free for all and takes no more than 10 minutes. This will be the most crucial 10 minutes of your professional life, as besides estimating your preparation, taking the test itself will be an amazing experience.

Boosting Sales: How Salesforce-ChatGPT integration increased RevOps effectiveness by 100%

Our client, operating in the UK market as a publisher with multiple classes of media assets had a critical RevOps problem. Their email was used by legacy advertisers and by the partner channels for sending in inquiries about the prices and availability of media assets. With increasing interest in the market to advertise on assets owned by our client, the volume of queries coming into this inbox increased dramatically over a period of time. Also, since the partner channels were also forwarding on queries they received, there were different types of email queries coming into the inbox. The increase in volume of email queries and the proliferation of types of interest created a volume and a data problem for the client. The client’s RevOps team used to handle the emails coming into the inbox manually, at a time when the volume was still manageable. As the business grew, so did the team size and it soon became obvious that deploying people to tackle the inbox not only compounded the problems but also created new problems. Firstly, the RevOps team had to jump from window to window to check the emails and then to move the deals on in Salesforce. Next, they had to ensure the data is rekeyed correctly before processing. Then there was the problem of classifying the various types of queries to ensure correct analysis and continuous improvement. The solution of having more people handle the volume did help to an extent; however, the problems continued to exist and cause pain to the team.   We intervened technologically by deploying ChatGPT which is a very simple application of the AI tool’s capability. The solution design was straightforward: as soon as an email lands in the client’s inbox, it gets forwarded to a Salesforce or email generated by the relevant Email Services. The Email Services will receive this email, parse it and hand it over to the next step in the flow which is to structure the email as part of a GPT prompt. The prompt itself was created as a custom metatag to ensure iteration and improvement is easily executed. We did not go down the Prompt Library route (as such we’re eagerly waiting to get our hands on SalesforceGPT templates/ libraries) since the use case didn’t demand an array of prompts but rather to solve just this one scenario: structuring the unstructured email query. Once the email and the prompt are packaged, we opened a session with ChatGPT through REST API connections and supplied the prompt. ChatGPT typically responded within a few milliseconds for standard length prompts and took a little while longer for complex, multi-forwarded emails. The prompt was structured to ensure various scenarios (forwards of forwards; direct; wrongly addressed emails etc.) to be covered. Also, ChatGPT was prompted to return the response in a jquery format with necessary field names for easy processing. Image 1: ChatGPT prompt as a Custom Metadata Type Record This ChatGPT response is processed by the Apex in Salesforce org. The response is parsed and a new record created with necessary lookups and field populations. Though we had the option of creating a lead directly, the use case involved a human to process to record before lead creation (to control the quality further). Hence, we created what we called a pre-lead record that could be converted to a lead by a simple click thus, populating all the critical lead information automatically. As an aid to the user processing the pre-lead, the original email chain was attached to the record so they can peruse this information without leaving Salesforce and opening the inbox. Image 2: a record created from ChatGPT structured data output Image 3: Conversion of the interstitial record to a Lead In the first month of the launch, the team were able to handle 100s of emails coming into the company as inquiries and orders without leaving Salesforce leading hours of saved time and increase in revenue from this channel. The accuracy of data collection improved dramatically leading to better analysis and right deployment of resources. The team continues to use this on a daily basis now.