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We de-risk Digital Salesforce transformations through our tested methodology.

What we deliver

Consultancy Services

Salesforce consulting
AdTech SaaS Consulting
Accounting seed consulting

As Salesforce consultants in London, we provide Salesforce and AdTech consulting services to Digital media and out of home media clients. Our approach, as a salesforce business consultant, is centered on Digital Transformation and Business Process Re-engineering to drive significant revenue growth and profitability. Our salesforce consultants’ service is always aligned with a delivery and implementation focus, providing realistic and implementable solutions to real business challenges.

Implementation Services

Salesforce implementation
Accounting Seed implementation

Our team of implementation consultants provides proven, value-added services to help our clients transition from their current state to the desired state. Whether it be adopting a new Salesforce system or migrating legacy systems to Salesforce, our Agile-based approach has been tailored to the specific needs of the industry. This approach helps us to successfully deliver on our commitments time after time and de-risk the transformation process. Ensuring a smooth transition from ‘as-is’ to the ‘to-be’ state in the most efficient way possible.

Maintenance Services

Salesforce Maintenance
Accounting Seed maintenance

Technology should be considered a crucial aspect of a growth-minded organization’s journey. Whether it’s providing tech-enabled solutions to clients or running a business that relies on technology, it’s essential for businesses to plan ahead and take action when it comes to ongoing technology improvement. That’s where we come in, by providing reliable maintenance services to our clients, we help them stay ahead of the curve and achieve their growth objectives.

Ad trafficking Services

Campaign services to DOOH industry

As a provider of services to publishers and media owners in the Digital media and Digital out of home media industries, we have a track record of successfully working with a wide range of AdTech and CMS platforms. These platforms handle thousands of campaigns, millions of creatives, and a diverse range of studio workflows. Our offshore team offers 24×7, reliable, transparent, audited and cost-effective solutions to help publishers reduce their AdOps overheads and focus on increasing revenue.

How we deliver

At Brysa, we understand the challenges of digital transformation and business process transformation. Our team of experienced salesforce sales cloud consultants, adtech consultants and accounting seed consultants are here to support you in this journey. Our method of change is designed to minimize risk and set your organization on a path to success. Our approach as a salesforce consultancy is based on careful planning, clear communication, and a focus on keeping your business “alive” throughout the transformation process. Whether you are dealing with a large team or complex workflows, we have the expertise to help you succeed, ensuring a smooth and successful transition. The factors that contribute to the de-risking are:

Salesforce, the world’s leading business enablement platform, is the perfect solution for any company looking to transform their technology. Its reputation as a trusted choice of thousands of businesses, and being used by millions, is a testament to its effectiveness. With its pre-built functionalities, it is easy to start delivering improvements to your business operations right away. Salesforce is a powerful tool that can help businesses achieve significant improvements in their operations.

High-volume, high-velocity transactions are vital for a company’s growth, but they also present a risk to data and information security. At our company, we understand this and prioritize data and information security in our technology transformation planning and execution. This can be achieved by utilizing Salesforce’s best-in-class data security practices or by integrating with third-party platforms. We make sure that data and information security is always a top priority.


A successful business relies on three key components: people, processes, and technology. Our approach is to create a technology platform that empowers the company’s employees by leveraging technology. We automate workflows that make processes more efficient, which allows employees to focus on more valuable tasks. By balancing the three pillars of people, processes, and technology, our methodology helps to establish a well-run business.

Business processes and workflows should be tailored to meet the needs of the company, rather than the other way around. To achieve this, we use data-driven approach to create or optimize these processes and workflows by focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) that the company can accurately measure after the processes have been re-engineered and technology has been integrated. This sets the foundation for a successful launch and ongoing improvement, and ensures that the processes and workflows align with the company’s objectives.

An inviolable principle of our change management practice is to eliminate any solution that is not adopted by the team. Our method, which emphasizes a consultative and listen-first approach, prioritizes a journey of transformation that includes close collaboration with our clients and continuous improvements to technology as well as adjustments to roles and processes. This ensures that the solutions we implement are both adopted and effective.

Our change management practices are rooted in Agile principles and have been adapted to work well within fast-paced, dynamic, high-volume industries such as Digital media and Digital out of home media. This includes effective stakeholder management, consistent progress tracking, regular check-ins, and course corrections, incremental releases, and more to ensure successful outcomes.

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